Capstone is committed to three principles that positively impact our clients…


Consistency cultivates trust, integrity and efficiency. We are committed to consistency in every relationship and process we manage. Consistency means keeping our word with clients regarding pricing, procedures and communication. Consistency allows us to eliminate surprise and confusion. Our commitment to consistency produces confidence with clients and increases effectiveness as we manage policies and risks.


When proper coverage hinges on fine print, attention to detail is imperative in the protection of entities, assets and reputation. We are committed to detail so that our clients can focus on the bigger picture. Detail-focus pervades everything we touch from initial assessments of coverage structure to the overall management of policies. Attention to detail ensures accuracy and communicates value to every client.


Commercial Insurance can be confusing and frustrating for policyholders. Transparency is a welcome relief to our clients. We are committed to clarity as we discuss strategy and practical implementation of risk management. Our vision of a transparent relationship creates accountability; it shifts control from the broker to the client. Our clients frequently comment that they understand the insurance process more than ever as a result of our commitment to this principle.